Empowering the nation with benevolence
A responsible corporate citizen
Supporting the lives of the community
SITREK Sustainability

Based on the triple bottom line framework of Profit, People and Planet, we integrate sustainability into the core purpose of our business.

Donation of 10 steel cupboards to Senehasa Diri Sevana – Child Development Centre
Annual Scholarships

In addition to rewarding our employees,  we also awarded scholarships to 62 children of our employees, who performed exceptionally well at the GCE O/L and GCE A/L examinations,  to further their academic aspirations.

Eye inspection at the eye camp
Medical attention and advice being given to an employee by a Doctor at the Medical camp
An employee undergoing an ECG test at the Medical Camp
Donation to the children of brutally murdered police constable Weligama Liyanarachige Sunil